We still believe that a girl who gets raped must be a slut.
but we’re modern enough to appreciate Pippa’s butt.
Hundreds of farmers are killing themselves because of debt
yet we still see Naxalism as the country’s “biggest internal threat”.
We’ll keep shut when millions are starving & have nothing to eat
Yet we’ll bring the house down over Shashi Tharoor’s tweet.
We won’t ensure that our fire fighters are equipped and skilled
but we’re confident that all will be fixed as long as Kasab is killed.
Our leaders believe that if America is doing it, it must be right,
And we agree with them because we’re so brainy and bright.
Every week Kejriwal shouts out a new name and a new scam,
We cry foul, we call them names, but honestly we don’t give a damn.
We convince ourselves that we’re just pawns in this corrupt game,
That’s bullshit, because we feed the corrupt; we’re all the same.
Photo Credit – Pascal Perret