Ruth Sequeira


Brother Luke

There was once,
A little boy who prayed for a baby sister,
And when she was just born, he’d often kiss her.
But then he was certain he didn’t want her anymore,
So he informed his Mummy, that the baby

A Birthday Away

This blog has long suffered neglect just as my fuzzy eyebrows have and that’s about to change. I’ve been waiting for a good story, but having spent the last year in Hyderabad, I mostly have dull ones to tell, so


To take the road less travelled on an all girls road trip,
Discover you are lost and kick yourself for being so hip.
To book a ticket on the Indian Railways site and go insane,
Is worth it when you

My Friend Vidhi

 I have tried many a time to write about my friend Vidhi, but it was never good enough. I’ve written a poem, a paragraph and even doodled her but none of it does justice. I cannot describe her entirely, at
smokey at home

Growing Up Goan

Have you ever;

Lit crackers in the room above the principal’s office?
Asked some tricky questions during Sunday service?

Had the misfortune of being chased by an angry hen?
Used an underground rainwater drain as your hiding den?

Saved a …

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