Ruth Sequeira


My Friend Vidhi

 I have tried many a time to write about my friend Vidhi, but it was never good enough. I’ve written a poem, a paragraph and even doodled her but none of it does justice. I cannot describe her entirely, at
smokey at home

Growing Up Goan

Have you ever;

Lit crackers in the room above the principal’s office?
Asked some tricky questions during Sunday service?

Had the misfortune of being chased by an angry hen?
Used an underground rainwater drain as your hiding den?

Saved a …



We still believe that a girl who gets raped must be a slut.
but we’re modern enough to appreciate Pippa’s butt.
Hundreds of farmers are killing themselves because of debt
yet we still see Naxalism as the country’s “biggest internal

The Stalker at the Station

 I travel by train everyday to and from work. I get done by 7:30pm, Monday-Saturday and today was no exception. There was quite a rush while I walked up the main entrance stairs of Kodambakkam station, I was lost in

Breakfast at Chetpet

I live as a paying guest in an apartment that has 19 birds, 2 Pomeranian and a 62 year old PG Aunty who has a special baby voice for each of her 21 animals. The apartment is in a quiet
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