Ruth Sequeira

Hibiscus Flower

The Hibiscus Thief

We knew he’d visit twice a day,
But who it was, we couldn’t say.
He’d come at dawn, then at dusk.
Plucking mainly, the red hibiscus.

Nothing stays a secret for too long in a village,
Soon the maid spotted …

The Tower Bridge, London

Tales from Great Britain

I’m not sure when I began planning my trip to London, was it the conversation I had with Hannah while she was in India or was it much earlier, a childhood spent reading English authors? It feels like, I have …

1982 Hidesign in UK

The Hidesign Icon Book

Since May 2013, I began working with Mr. Kapur and my colleagues at Hidesign, on the editorial content for the Icon Book. It was a very exciting nine months of work for me, as I got to be part of …

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