My Friend Vidhi

 I have tried many a time to write about my friend Vidhi, but it was never good enough. I’ve written a poem, a paragraph and even doodled her but none of it does justice. I cannot describe her entirely, at best; I can share our story and introduce her to you, read on because she is definitely worth knowing.

Meet Vidhi, one of my closest friends. We were classmates who nodded an acknowledgement when we crossed paths but hardly shared a memory together in college. Girly-best-friend-sparks flew only after college on a fateful trip through South India where, a group of 6 girls, i.e. two pairs of best friends and Vidhi & me – the misfits had no choice but to bond. And bond we did.

Before the trip could end, our groupies had already witnessed the beginnings of a love story and wasted no time in making us feel awkward. Luckily for us, awkwardness was a feeling we had dealt with from the time we stuck our big baby feet out into the world. We shuffled between blushing and denying every time someone teased us, we tried to behave like normal grownups but it was too late, we had already baked ourselves gay.

Hold on, I must clarify since that previous paragraph may have misled you – Vidhi and I, are and always have been heterosexual best friends. However, when we discovered how much we had in common on that trip, it was a magical experience of identifying a best friend immediately unlike other best friend relationships that solidify over time. Back to our main subject..

Vidhi is caring, curious and often confused. Since my law exams have taught me to support every statement with an explanation, allow me to elaborate. Vidhi is a kind-hearted softie that feels pangs of pain every time she says no to a beggar. Beggars being smarter than psychiatrists in identifying personality types, pull at Vidhi’s guilt strings and never go away empty handed. Vidhi could have easily grown up to be a brat, instead she is empathetic – always putting herself in other peoples shoes before she makes a decision. This brings me to that bit about confusion, frankly, what is one to expect when one’s feet are in so many shoes?

Curiosity is Vidhi’s double edged sword – it is the trait that gives her hope & makes her look forward to what others might find a dull life, but it also a source of gloom when she is denied an opportunity to explore as much as she’d like to. Yet Vidhi continues to personify Steve Job’s quote – “Stay hungry. Stay foolish.”.

#TIL (Today I Learnt) could be Vidhi’s official hashtag. Unlike us mental sloths, Vidhi has learned something new everyday of her life. Sometimes taking conscious steps, for eg. joining a language class, using while reading a book, typing frantically into Google at least thrice a day, etc. Sometimes, like the chap who discovered electricity, she discovers things by accidents, for eg. the A in GujArat and figuring out my deceased father’s name after mocking a certain Simon in front of my mom, etc. Of course, I am not here to list Vidhi’s discoveries, for if I do, Alexander Graham Bell might feel very insecure in his grave.

I value Vidhi’s humbleness and perseverance to learn. She doesn’t aspire to crack the CAT exam but works on more valuable things like being able to have a conversation on almost any subject, knowing without thinking twice the capital of a minuscule country and equally dividing a lunch bill by three people. Vidhi strips a large cloud of matter and summarizes information into simple points, making her excellent at analysing a problematic solution and giving the most simple, pragmatic solution that make you think ‘gee, why didn’t I think of that?!’.

 Vidhi is always attracted to people who are brilliantly intelligent, who have traveled extensively and are astonishingly creative. These brilliant people are also always attracted to Vidhi because she has an openness to experiences and a sincere pulsing desire to learn. Vidhi questions everything, this can get annoying but if you’re patient enough it leads to strange, new insights. She is honest about her shortcomings and realistic about her abilities; this is what makes her superior to most of us who fake intelligence by repeating an opinion we have read in the Times of India.

If you’ve met Vidhi for even a brief moment you will know that she loves travelling. Every conversation boils down to travelling; sometimes it is all she can talk about. Travel makes Vidhi feel complete. It satisfies her curiosity of people and places, her ability to think and see things differently and experience a sense of independence and freedom that many of us take for granted.

I have reached a phase where I do not know how to end this blog post and generally when I reach this phase, it is Vidhi that I call. This will be uploaded without her knowledge but I guess I will call her anyway, just so I hear of her adventures in Ahmadabad.