To take the road less travelled on an all girls road trip,
Discover you are lost and kick yourself for being so hip.
To book a ticket on the Indian Railways site and go insane,
Is worth it when you get to daydream on a running train.
To brave shoddy food and nightmarish loos without a fuss,
And test your patience on a slow, rickety journey by bus.
To work for a year in order to afford a very expensive flight,
Only to be stuck between kids in turbulence & curse your plight.
To prefer the thieves and crazies you meet if you hitch-hike,
Than to lose a leg trying to kick-start a stubborn rented bike.
To walk around in circles ’cause you’ve been given wrong directions
Arrive at said location, discover it’s a dry day because of the elections.
An exhausting journey, bad food or a lousy cheap hotel,
Are valuable because you return with exotic stories to tell.
Photo Credit @LukeSeq