Growing Up Goan

Have you ever;

Lit crackers in the room above the principal’s office?
Asked some tricky questions during Sunday service?

Had the misfortune of being chased by an angry hen?
Used an underground rainwater drain as your hiding den?

Saved a drunk carpenter who got stranded on your tiled roof?
Admit to partying all night coz your mum had page3 as proof?

Met with bike accidents caused either by a drunk tourist or a dog?
Clarified with the waiter if your soup was made of chicken or frog?

Played the part of a reindeer, a shepherd or an angel in church?
Wandered deep into the woods, leading to a child rescue search?

Thrown a tantrum and refused to get down the garden chickoo tree?
In an emergency, ran straight into the nearest neighbours’ loo to pee?

Supervised the litter of kittens and the very gory birth of a calf?
Heard village gossip about yourself and reacted lightly with a laugh?

Jumped into your neighbour’s well with just a rope around your waist?
Drank big gulps of hard liquor, whenever your dad offered you a taste?

Been embarrassed by your pious dog  who kept pacing the church aisle?
Received extra pao by the breadman because you complimented his smile?

Had a bus driver friend who promised to beat anyone who hurt you, with a stick?
Rubbed an itchy plant on a wound because your brother said it would heal quick?

Picture Courtesy @LukeSeq