Ruth Sequeira



My Friend Vidhi

 I have tried many a time to write about my friend Vidhi, but it was never good enough. I’ve written a poem, a paragraph and even doodled her but none of it does justice. I cannot describe her entirely, at

The Stalker at the Station

 I travel by train everyday to and from work. I get done by 7:30pm, Monday-Saturday and today was no exception. There was quite a rush while I walked up the main entrance stairs of Kodambakkam station, I was lost in

Breakfast at Chetpet

I live as a paying guest in an apartment that has 19 birds, 2 Pomeranian and a 62 year old PG Aunty who has a special baby voice for each of her 21 animals. The apartment is in a quiet


While Noah found reassurance in spotting a dove carrying a twig, I knew tough times were heading my way when I spotted a twig carrying pigeon in my balcony. By reflex I shooed the pigeon away and decided to ignore

Our Gulmohar Tree

Unlike all the other big words I learnt in my third standard classroom, I learnt the word ‘development’ one evening at the school playground. The playground was not really a playground; it was just a wide open space of red …

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