Ruth Sequeira



Dina Building

My apartment was such a blessing
It’s spared my mum from over stressing.
I have to move out now that I’ve left my job
and every time I think of it I begin to sob.My bathroom big, my kitchen small

What do I do?

When mama bought me a blackboard,
I thought I’d grow up to teach.
Now, I’d like to buy a surfboard,
and travel to a nice sandy beach.

Daddy said I’d make a good news-reader,
he wanted me to be on …

Just Can’t Do

I cannot keep shut nor can I sit still,
Taking medication is always done against my will.

Doing slightly complex math is beyond me,
so is communicating in fluent Hindi.

Asking me to be nice or kind to a cat…


There are people, who will be around when you’ve got a broken heart,
also when you let out a big loud fart.

There are people, who will help you when you’re in pain,
also when you’ve got a period stain.…


Lean and Mean

“Skinny”, “bony”, “tall and lean”,
“Banana”, “French fry”, even “French bean”.

“A rod”, “a pole”, “a walking stick”,
“A pen”, “a pencil”, even a “toothpick”.

“You have no curves or cheeks to show”
“Your Bulimic”, “Anorexic”, a “Size Zero”,

“A …

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