Brother Luke

There was once,
A little boy who prayed for a baby sister,
And when she was just born, he’d often kiss her.
But then he was certain he didn’t want her anymore,
So he informed his Mummy, that the baby must go.
The little girl stuck on, she was stubborn & brave
So the lad decided she must remain his slave.
King Luke now had a slave and a loyal squire,
So he set strict rules for his backyard empire.
Even though his labourers were “dull and unskilled”,
A majestic kingdom, he was determined to build.
Every day they were instructed, trained and groomed,
If orders were not followed, they knew danger loomed.
Everything was a learning; a development of skills,
The polishing of his shoes, the mastering of their wills.
A few decades later, they are still being educated,
But now there are many other students included.
It didn’t come easy, there were many fierce uprisings,
The King won most & doesn’t find that surprising.
A true leader, he’s has all types of disciples,
Some were won by friendship, others through battle.
So onward with the King we march,
Eating no gluten, no lactose, no starch.
We’ve come a long way, but there is more to win,
We’ve got many plans and an evil grin.
The little boy may have grown in stature and beard,
But to his family he’s still child-like and weird.
We’re secretly proud of him & all he’s done, 
But to tell him that would spoil the fun. 
Picture Courtesy @LukeSeq