A Birthday Away

This blog has long suffered neglect just as my fuzzy eyebrows have and that’s about to change. I’ve been waiting for a good story, but having spent the last year in Hyderabad, I mostly have dull ones to tell, so no more waiting. Here are my notes on one of the nicest birthdays I’ve ever had. 
I turned 25 this year on an island far away from home with the only friend I’ve held onto since my 13th birthday. There was no cake and better still, no mobile network but there was a lot of giggling, unexpected late night adventure and the vast healing Andaman sea. 
This is not a travelogue, because I would not want to promote these (now not so) secluded islands even slightly for fear that the lot of you may find your way there with your hideous tourist t-shirts and frustratingly popular selfie sticks. 
Rather, I wish to encourage more of you to travel, to places in India and beyond. Travel, because that’s what you need more than the latest season of Game of Thrones or the urge to swipe right for the next Tinder boy. 

Don’t make excuses that you need to earn more or don’t have paid leave or your beard is so long your visa gets rejected; unless you’re a certain sibling of mine.

I worked a full time job last year and bless my soul, did I work my ass off but I did manage a trip to Hampi, Udaipur, Vizag, Pondicherry, the Andamans and a whole lot of other smaller getaways. People who travel find a way and an excuse.

 Travel is and always has been my favourite birthday gift to myself. 

All pictures by @RuthSeq